Ito America Corporation is part of Ito Group, a sales, service, and engineering company with offices around the globe. Ito specializes in precision assembly and interconnect technologies, particularly in the handheld electronics and display markets. In addition to supporting Ito’s customers in North, South and Central America, Ito America’s ACF Applications Lab plays a key role in supporting Ito Group’s worldwide efforts by performing advanced process development, debugging, and new technology research for anisotropic conductive film and paste applications.

In addition to ACF bonding, Ito America works with other types of micro-joining, including high-precision welding, other types of micro-joining technologies, and precision dispensers. By working with Ito Group offices around the world, Ito America is capable of providing cradle-to-grave support for most electronics assembly operations. We can help you develop your process here in the United States, take that process to a high-volume manufacturing site in Asia, and then work with you to provide on-going technical support throughout the life of the product. In the event that you want to completely outsource the assembly, we can do that through our Tempe, Arizona facility or through a partner facility in Asia.

Ito America Corporation follows Ito Group’s Guiding Principle, Mission and Vision.

Ito America Corporation

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